Sunday, April 19, 2009

Keri, Palak and Nauman enter MTV Roadies finale

Raghu silenced the rumors that Sufi is the winner of MTV Roadies 6.0. Though Palak and Nauman were confirmed finalists, Raghu said the competition will not be so easy for them. He made it clear that the game had to be fair and just, and since two of them, Natasha and Sufi were out of the game because of Raghu's twist, he said they would be brought back into the final contention. The third person to qualify for the finals would be someone whom Roadies would vote for. 

It came as a pleasant surprise for many when the non-controversial Kiri was voted as the finalist. Now, it was to be a competition among Kiri, Sufi and Natasha to decide who would make it to the finals. The competition was to walk on a wooden plank four feet high from the ground, in dark, with strobe lights flashing in and out. Though the task looked easy, Kiri finished in a record time of 4 minutes and 17 seconds. Natasha finished in 10 minutes while Sufi couldn't complete the task successfully. So now, Kiri, Palak and Nauman are the finalists for MTV Roadies 6.0


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