Thursday, May 7, 2009

Shahrukh Khan still loves Kolkata Knight Riders

Bollywood Badhshah Shahrukh Khan’s Knight Riders have lost heavily in IPL matches, and is the first of the 8 teams to have been tossed out of the semis. But Shahrukh Khan is not down in despair.

“What can I say,” he laughed, “we’ve had a string of losses, but we haven’t lost motivation, what we’ve got to do is see where we take the team from here. Some of the matches were close and almost broke our hearts. But the others were complete losses. We had nothing to prove. So I told the boys, go out and have fun!”

Asked if he is happy about the fact that Knight Riders still has the highest brand value among all IPL teams at $42.1 million, SRK regretted, “Personally, that doesn’t make me happy,” Shah Rukh regretted. “What is a brand? I, as an actor, am a brand... and that puts pressure on myself to perform better and make sure my films do well. Brand is all about giving quality content.
When asked if Shahrukh Khan’s absence in South Africa affected the team morale, SRK replied,” “Not really,” replied Shah Rukh. “I had decided at the start to be with them for 15 days. The boys are depressed, they can’t do more, and my being around only makes it worse for them. My presence in the dressing room makes them break down. I’m fond of all of them and they like me. But my goodness comes in the way of losses. The defeat gets highlighted because I own the team. They feel worse because they think Shah Rukh Khan has been let down and is hurt... though I don’t show it. Whereas when I’m away, they’re able to go out and play cricket normally.”

Can Shahrukh Khan give a Chak De message to his dismayed team, SRK replied, “They are all professional players, they play cricket the whole year, and win or lose... they just get on with the next game. I can’t tell them how to play. But I hang around them. Some players are cynical in defeat. Others raring to go. I meet the two up, sit and chat with them, tell them not to be disturbed. We have lost as a team, we don’t have what it takes to win, and we can’t go on depending on hope. I really can’t find fault with anyone. The idea is we go up and come down together. If I jump up and cheer when somebody hits a six then I must also be prepared to go down with them when they fail. The important thing in sports is that it teaches you how to lose, but not to become a loser. Sports always gives you the chance to come back. It’s a great leveller. The whole success in my life is because I think like a sportsman. There’s always another chance. But I wish I didn’t have to learn this lesson so fast!”


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