Monday, June 29, 2009

Michael Jackson's sexiest video-In the Closet

Michael Jackson in the Closet video from his 1991 album-Dangerous is the most sizzling song in his career. A very sensuous song to the core, it featured Naomi Campbell in her sexiest best. This video did wonders for Naomi Campbell, and the world suddenly fell in love with Naomi Campbell. The video has Naomi Campbell, in her silken, chocolate complexioned long legs, performing maddeningly sensuous moves and physically complicated dance move with the King of Pop-Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson's vocals in the song are mostly subdued but makes an amazing impact. Little do people know that Michael Jackson's In the Closet was originally conceieved as a duet between Michael Jackson and Maddonna. The Material Girl Maddonna had conceptualized the song her way and Michael Jackson found her ideas to be provocative. The queen of pop decided to part from the project. The song In the Closet was actually MJ's way to silence critics who had questions about his sexuality. Naomi Campbell who is now 32, says that there is no celebrity in the world who can connect like Michael Jackson ever did.

Check Michael Jackson performing in India

Check the video below of In the Closet of Michael Jackson-featuring Naomi Campbell


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