Saturday, September 26, 2009

Salman Khan Markets WANTED to Success

"PR KIYA TOH DARNA KYA" is not a spoof on Salman Khan's earlier hit but it is a pat on the back to to the superstar who diligently marketed Wanted in the best manner possible. Before we go to how Salman Khan adeptly marketed Wanted, let us see how the other two Khans, Aamir Khan and Shahrukh Khan accused each other for lack of enough marketing prowess.

Aamir Khan on Shahrukh Khan's marketing and PR skills:
“Shah Rukh is excellent in PR. I am not sure about his marketing. You don’t have to be there for marketing your movie. Someone like Himesh Reshammiya…you see a cap and you think about him. That’s marketing. You go to a theatre and you see a Ghajini look. That’s marketing. I don’t have to be there. I think the thing in which Shah Rukh excels is PR. He has that quality and does that very well.”

Shahrukh Khan on Aamir Khan's marketing and PR skills:
" Why is there an assumption that I would listen to what Aamir Khan thinks about me? In his mind, a lot of things he has done are right for him. But obviously, it’s not the universal truth. So with due respect to his wonderful mind, I don’t accept it. I do what’s right for my film. I think every film has its own breathing space, it’s own way of working and I think Billu only has this much space in that I’ve done what was needed for it. "

"I think the case with Aamir is woh kehte hain na, naya-naya musalman hota hai? Toh woh naya-naya producer bana hai. Aamir, the producer, has a lot to do. There is a certain public awareness you need to create for a film, depending on the film itself. It can’t be ke mein Billu Barber hoon toh logon ke baal katna shuru karoon ya chadd jaoon unke sir pe. I think Ghajini was marketed very well. He’s produced one film (Lagaan) and a couple others that too in partnerships with people. We’ve been producing for a long time and we have discovered what is right and what is wrong.Actually, as much as Aamir knows the difference between marketing and PR, I don’t know the difference. I am still the old-fashioned guy who thinks PR is a dirty word, and maybe so does Aamir, that’s why he said it. But the fact that I speak to people I have known over the years is because of a personal relationship rather than a professional need, which makes people like me a little more."

Salman Khan's marketing agenda for Wanted
Salman's marketing for Wanted was simple and straight. As it is, he is quite popular on television for Dus Ka Dum. His impromptu hosting and his affable nature has made people warm up to him because he comes across someone, the junta can relate to. In a way, he presold the movie to the audience by his presence. He has used the quiz show as a marketing platform for his colleagues and friends to showcase their films (and boy, it really does work). Salman Khan marketed Wanted on Dus Ka Dum by involving the producer Boney Kapoor and wife Sridevi, director Prabhudeva and the gorgeous Ayesha Takia in the game show.

Salman Khan improved Wanted's stake even more, when he cast himself in CID, the most popular TV serial in Sony Television. The subject of the detective case was also cleverly done- piracy of Wanted movie DVDs.

Salman gave a different touch to journalism by holding a press conference where he turned the tables by interviewing the reports instead. He also gave interviews to tabloids where he offered his take on media coverage, his marriage speculation and rivalry with Shahrukh Khan.

Salman also promoted Wanted in shopping malls and multiplexes.Salman Khan still continues to promote Wanted in his own intimable style and the media is lapping it up because Salman Khan is hot property now As of today, he was the guest editor to Times of India's Mumbai Times magazine. Now Salman is everywhere: movies, newspaper, malls and online. Talk about being the most Wanted actor!


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