Sunday, April 25, 2010

Neil Nitin Mukesh Beats Aamir Khan in Perfectionism (Or is it Madness?)

On the first look, you may think that is a hype created by the producers of Lafangey Pandey, but it is true. Neil Nitin Mukesh has real lacerations, real wounds and real bruises in Lafangey Pandey. His character has to slug it out and fight real with people on the streets and both the director Pradeep Sarkar and Neil are very happy about making it so real that it hurts.

Looking visibly in pain, Neil says, “Pradeep Sarkar's film. It requires the rawest of physical violence and it can't be faked. So if you see me now I'm covered with welters, wounds and bruises all gifted to me every day while shooting this, the most dangerous film of my career." He adds, “ I don’t need my makeup man Aseembhai to put fake blood on me. My stunt director Shyam Kaushalji is doing a very good job of making my bruises and lacerations look real...because they are real.” Shyam Kaushalji whom Neil idolizes is the guy who puts Neil through death defying stunts, wherein he had to run across the street with speeding cars in New York and he had jumped off the 18th floor in Aa Dekhen Zara.

Lafangey Pandey is the story of bike gangs in Mumbai and the movie needs serious, street fights accoriding to the actor. He says, "Fortunately I'm not a stranger to these kind of raw gutter-level combats. I may come across as soft spoken now. But I've gone through my share of campus fights during my college days. In fact I've a fierce temper problem. So far I had kept it in check. But now in Lafangey Parindey I'm disturbed to see the violent ill-tempered side of me emerging effortlessly. What surprises me is the deep dark angry side to Dada's (director Pradeep Sarkar) personality. Who would have thought the man who made Parineeta and Laaga Chunari Mein Daag had so much anger and violence in him?”


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