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Phoonk 2 Movie Review; Phoonk 2 better than Phoonk

Phoonk 2 movie review

Vikram Bhatt may be better than Ram Gopal Verma at horror but when it comes to Phoonk 2 vs Shaapit, Phoonk 2 is defintely the Bollywood horror movie of 2010 so far.

Story of Phoonk 2:
There is not much of a story in Phoonk 2, the movie just casually takes off from Phoonk 1 left. So it is just the 'Bhooth'ish thing of the family settling on the outskirts of the city. Sudeep, his wife Aarthi and their two kids find there is soething odd happening at their house. The two adventurous kids move to the lone beach and walk though the forest, till they find a doll. Once the dolls come to their place, the horror starts unfolding. There are chiling scenes that follow one after the other and a fair amount of blood and gore too. The horror part in Phoonk 2 picks up after the interval while the first half has the typical RGV builld-up of weird camera angles and blaring sound

Technical parts of Phoonk 2:
Director Milind Gadakar has done a very good job that could possibly surpass Phoonk work done by Ram Gopal Varma. The moving camera by by Lenhert Pereira (under Director of Photography Charles Meher), the accompanying creepy background score (Dharam and Sandeep) and the effective sound design (Jayesh Dhakan) contribute to a sense of impending doom on several occasions are very good

Plus points of Phoonk 2:
Do not go for the story part, in fact, you wouldnt really bother about it as one after the other horrific episodes unfold, some of them are cliched cinematic elements but with a good buildup and others are genuinely scary. It is a good thing that Phoonk 2 does not dwell much into the past and justification of horror and deals in the present

Minus points of Phoonk 2:
The climax is longdrawn and the last parts could have been snipped. Also there are some glaring error, for instance in the climx, Sudeep's character is badly bruised, bleeding from chest, but in the next scene, the tshirt looks all fine. The first half has the same cliched buildup in the first half are no worth appreciating

Best scenes of Phoonk 2: The death scenes of Zakir Hussain, Jeeva and Neeru Bajwa are chilling

Performances in Phoonk 2: Everyone in the cast of Phoonk 2 has done a good job but the best one of the lot is Amruta Khanvilkar, she is the 'spirit' of the film.

Conclusion: Phoonk 2 is scarier, better than Phoonk, if that is what you want to know. As a movie, you will feel the jitters most of the time.


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