Sunday, April 25, 2010

Prince 2, Prince Sequel On Its Way

The runaway success of Prince has surprised even Vivek Oberoi. Director Kookie Gulati, who is mighty pleased that his labor has borne fruit has got approval by Ramesh Taurani, produer of Tips to go ahead with Prince 2. In Prince 2, Vivek Oberoi will have big mainstream heroines and names like Bipasha Basu, Lara Dutta and Sushmita Sen are being thrown. Possibly, Nandana Sen will be there in the sequel because her character was shown alive in the very last minute.

Though Prince has been appreciated for its style and action, the fact that it has a very thin script didn’t make it endearing to people who look for substance. Kookie says that he will definitely come with better content for Prince 2. A person from the project of Prince says, “When we approached the top leading ladies they all either said a straight no nor or begged off with the date excuse. They had no faith in the project. More importantly no top leading lady wanted to work with Vivek. On the day after Prince opened Vivek began to receive congratulatory SMS's from some of the leading ladies who had declined to work with him in Prince."

Vivek Oberoi confirms this point as well, "I wouldn't like to dwell on the past. All is good now. And I'd just like to concentrate on the positive things. Yes, we are making a sequel. In fact when we put in a suggestion of it in the first film we had finally decided to edit it out because it was vain at that point of time to think audiences would like our film enough to see a sequel."


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