Saturday, May 22, 2010

Barbara Mori accuses Newspaper of lying

Barbara Mori on Twitter wrote "This bombay times lies!! Unbelievable! Why they doing this?.i just want u to know that i can't be more happy in my life rigth now because of kites and how the people loved the film"

Bombay Times, the entertainment supplement of Times of India had written that Barbara Mori was packing her bags and leaving India for the last time due to the negative reaction of people towards Kites. Apparently Hrithik Roshan tweeted " THANK YOU for making it the 2nd BIGGEST film opening in the history of cinema all over the WORLD!"

One thing is clearly irrespective of whether Kites is a hit or not, newspapers should VERIFY before writing such things. Secondly, if Times of India was associated with Kites, it would have gone out of its way talking 'good things' about the film. This is what happens.A lot of media houses are biased about their films and rightly so.Stardust was the only magazine that talked about Accident at Hill Road (as its boss Nari Hira produced the film) while no one else bothered.


shabnam yasmin said...

Kites hit or not.. whatever... Barbara.. its better you go.. bye bye

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