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Housefull Movie Review: Loser's Movie

When the Sultan of Senselessness Sajid Khan meets the Nizam of Nonsense, Sajid Nadiadwala; you know that the movie that you will watch is not going to be an enlightening experience. Sajid Nadiadwala clearly pays tribute to the directors of the ‘entertainment’ genre and makes it clear that his movie is about sheer entertainment. But even entertainment has parameters, you can be witty and superb as a No Entry and Dhamaal or stupid like Kambhakkt Ishq. So where does Housefull fit in? Though he may cry from the rooftops that is not true,Sajid Khan has lifted scenes from foreign movies

Story of Housefull:
The story begins on a promising note with the entry of Akshay Kumar as ‘Aarush’ who is a perennial loser. He loses out on a lot of things due to being a panaoti(disgrace) and even bags an unconventional job in a casino where his presence makes people lose. Loser’s director Sajid Khan decides to show how Aarush can be of luck to some people, and lands him in his buddy Bob(Ritesh Deshmukh) house. Bob and his wife Hetal decide to find a traditional girl Devika(Jiah Khan) who is the daughter of a rich Indian businessman( Randhir Kapoor). Though Aarush thinks that his fortunes will change, he comes to know that Devika goes off with another man as her idea was to temporarily marry an Indian guy and do away with the million pounds from her dad.
Disappointed, Aarush goes to the sea to commit suicide and is rescued by Sandy(Deepika Padukone). From then on when things start going good for Aarush, there comes problems in the form of Sandy’s police officer brother(Arjun Rampal) and Hetal’s father Batuk Patel(Boman Irani) ready to take flight to London to meet prospective brother-in-law and son-in-law respectively. From hereon,Sajid Khan tries to walk the path tread in movies like No Entry and Hungama with less success.

Plus points of Housefull
1. Akshay Kumar’s brilliant acting and chemistry with Riteish Deshmukh in top form
2. Jiah Khan’s sex appeal that is wow-some
3. The ‘Such a Loser’ track
4. Chunky Pandey’s interesting cameo

Minus Points of Housefull
The script is not good enough; yeah we know the rap about you don’t look for scripts in such films but then there are loose ends galore. For instance, Jiah Khan’s disappearance is unexplained. Chunky Pandey could have added to the confusion but even he is not there in the later parts despite leaving such a good impact. His talent could have been tapped more in the movie.

Sequences are lifted from Hollywood movies, no matter what Sajid Khan says. The parrot scenes are lifted from Scary Movie 2, the tiger sequence from Hangover and the Akshay Kumar-Ritesh Deshmukh ‘gay misunderstanding’ angle falls flat, because we have seen them before in Kal Ho Na Ho and Dostana. Parts like Akshay Kumar seemingly going to commit suicide The climax scenes featuring nitrous oxide may have been Sajid Khan’s big idea to make an impact but sadly, it does not create the impact. Scenes like showing a parrot getting sucked in a vaccum cleaner and calling a black American baby Damaar ka Tukdaa may be insensitive and racist; they also show the director’s lack of finesse in dabbling with smart, slapstick comedy.

Performances in Housefull
What the movie lacks in good lines and wisecracks, it makes in performances. The pick of the lot is Akshay Kumar, Ritesh Deshmukh, Chunky Pandey and Jiah Khan. Jiah Khan is brilliant every manner; she has the right sex appeal, the right package and she gets to act both coy and outrageous in a span of fifteen minutes.

Chunky Pandey as Aakhri Pasta is a riot, believe it or not; he has walked away with the maximum laughs especially for the line, ‘I am joking’. Deepika Padukone looks fetching in those hot pants. Sadly Lara Dutta does not impress in the film, her dress sense is not up to mark and the director seems to have failed her as he did to Vidya Balan in Heyy Babyy. The movie belongs to both Ritesh Deshmukh and Akshay Kumar who have parallel roles in the film. Akshay Kumar definitely has done a fantastic job, doing comedy with a straight face. Watch him emote in a tensed scene where Arjun Rampal puts him to a lie detector test. Speaking of Arjun Rampal, he doesn’t have to act much; his looks do the job for him. Boman Irani as usual is a reliable customer

To Sum Up
Housefull is a Panaoti picture: I am Joking


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