Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Neil Nitin Mukesh's Real Fights in Lafangey Pandey

If you think Aamir Khan and Akshay Kumar are the ones who can give an arm and leg for the role, think again? Have you seen an actor dropping all his guard and becoming the fighter of the gutters? Welcome, Neil Nitin Mukesh, he is doing real life fights, bruises, tears et all in his forthcoming movie Lafangey Pandey.

The movie is wrapped up though and Neil even received an iPad for his commitment to the film. He was known to be shooting, or rather fighting from 11 am in the morning till post midnight at the Yashraj studios, Mumbai for the film. The actor was needed actually go out on the streets and fight out like a normal ruffian with people.

Neil says, “Except for one detail, there's nothing fake about the fists of fury that fly in Pradeep Sarkar's film. It requires the rawest of physical violence and it can't be faked. So if you see me now I'm covered with welters, wounds and bruises all gifted to me every day while shooting this, the most dangerous film of my career."

Neil adds, “If my mother sees all this, she will freak out. I am getting physically hurt every day. I'm covered in bruises. Because I am light-skinned the hurt marks show up bright red on me within seconds. I look... alarming!! Even to myself in the mirror!" He smiles, “"I don't need Aseembhai(makeup man) to paint on fake blood. My stunt director Shyam Kaushalji is doing a very good job of making my bruises and lacerations look real...because they are real."

Neil is all praises for his stuntman. "Shyam Kaushalji is someone I really respect. I touch his feet every morning although he really puts me through the most dangerous situations. In New York, he made me run across a street with speeding cars. In Aa Dekhen Zara he had thrown me off the 18th floor. But nothing had prepared me for what Shyamji has in store for me in Lafangey Parindey."

Lafangey Pandey is the story about rivalry among bike gangs in Mumbai. The film needed Neil to get into serious, authentic street fights. He says "Fortunately I'm not a stranger to these kind of raw gutter-level combats. I may come across as soft spoken now. But I've gone through my share of campus fights during my college days. In fact I've a fierce temper problem. So far I had kept it in check. But now in Lafangey Parindey I'm disturbed to see the violent ill-tempered side of me emerging effortlessly. What surprises me is the deep dark angry side to Dada's (director Pradeep Sarkar) personality. Who would have thought the man who made Parineeta and Laaga Chunari Mein Daag had so much anger and violence in him?”


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