Friday, May 21, 2010

Shahrukh Khan Plays Cupid in Real Life

Shah Rukh Khan played real life cupid when he sought to unite an estranged couple. The husband is basically an ex journalist of a famous tabolid and his marriage was reportedly in doldrums due to his estranged relationship with his wife. 
Gurgaon-based Kandula Subramaniam’s marriage was on the rocks, he and wife Krishnakoli Dutta were living separately for a while, and the depressed husband was doing everything possible to win his wife back. But in vain. Until Kandula remembered that Krishnakoli was a big Shah Rukh Khan fan. And he figured the Bollywood supremo, who features on the ‘Most Powerful’ lists of international magazines and portals, might just be able to swing his marriage around for him.

Desperately, he sought SRK’s e-mail address and wrote the actor an impassioned letter explaining his dismal circumstances and imploring him to step in and try and bring Krishnakoli around. Shah Rukh, still busy untangling the IPL mess and working on his next film Ra-1, took remedial action promptly. On May 18, which was Krishnakoli’s birthday, she got a phone call. And on the line was her idol!

After wishing the stunned woman a “happy birthday”, careful not to intrude on her private space, SRK requested Krishnakoli to try and give her estranged relationship with Kandula another shot. Hugely surprised by this suggestion from the most charismatic love ambassador of Hindi cinema, Krishnakoli promised to try and make things work with her husband.

The story ends there. We have no footnotes to add on whether Krishnakoli and Kandula have patched up yet. It is too early to say so. But we do know she was touched that he had done this for her. At first, she couldn’t believe that it was SRK on the line, she thought somebody was pulling her leg. Kandula said, “When you want to bridge the gap, then you try everything in your power. After praying to God, I thought the next best thing was to try and reach out to Mr Khan. Somehow deep within me I knew that if I wrote to him, he would make the call.’’


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