Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bollywood actors who champion sports other than cricket

John Abraham and Dino Morea are both football fanatics. While Dino Morea is the face of the Goa football association, John Abraham is promoting the game through a sports channel. Dino Morea pushes the envelope more by saying that he would like to represent India for FIFA

Shahrukh Khan a true-blue sports lover has pledged his support for Indian hockey.

Sunil Shetty is the official ambassador for Indian hockey

Salman Khan is the official brand ambassador for AIFF, the governing body for Indian football.

Meanwhile Shah Rukh Khan fans would be delighted to know that he is quite fond of playing soccer with his children. He says his favourite football teams are from Argentina, Brazil, Germany and Spain and England.

But he rues the sport does not find much takers in India. "I am surprised that we were the only developing nation which did not take to football. Hope new generation takes it up now that we are leaders."


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