Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Katrina Kaif pays a price to be a perfectionist

Katrina Kaif is dead serious about being a perfectionist and getting her act right. She requested director Prakash Jha to redub her dialouge for Raajneeti in the post productin work because she was not happy with one word in her speech that is in the film..Katrina Kaif's friends apparently noticed the slight flaw on her part in the trailer of the film and pointed it out to her saying that the word “satta” sounded like “satya” due to Kat’s anglicized pronunciation.

Since she wanted to perfect her role in the movie, and she had worked so hard for it, she couldn’t let this minor hitch screw it up. So she requested Prakash Jha to do the needful. But dubbing at this stage during post postproduction can be a costly thing; so Jha refused. But perfectionist Katrina said that she would bear the expenses herself so that she gets the word 'Satta' right.


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