Wednesday, June 30, 2010

viveka babajee house

Artist’s reconstruction of what Viveka Babajee’s apartment looked like when cops got in. Based on these evidences police are trying to unravel the mystery of her death (source: MUMBAIMIRROR, Mumbai's best tabloid)

Posted On Wednesday, June 30, 2010 at 03:03:40 AM

1. Some gold jewellery was found strewn on a long rectangular table in her bedroom . Police say it seemed Viveka was first planning to go out and was preparing for it but changed her mind.

2. On a small table on the left side was some diamond jewellery.

3. More jewellery was found inside the drawers of the table on the right.

4. On the floor of the living room several strips of sleeping pills and other tablets were found scattered. Police say it seems Viveka tried to overdose on these pills but hanged herself before they could fully take effect.

5. Police found Viveka hanging by this ceiling fan with a wooden stool nearby, which she is believed to have stood on to hang herself. She was found wearing a green night dress and had fashioned the noose out of a negligee.

6. By the side of the stool lay two broken photoframes that had pictures of Viveka as a child. Police suspect she took her time to decide about the suicide and pondered over every aspect of her life before taking the step.

7. On a table placed in the corner of the living room lay a lighter, a few cigarrette butts in an ashtray and her personal diary opened to the last page. Across three lines she had scribbled: “You killed me Gautam Vora”. Because of the way the diary was placed, police suspect Viveka wrote the lines just before she hanged herself.

8. The kitchen was found to be in a mess with utensils and spices strewn across the counter. A couple of glasses with traces of alcohol were also found. The gas stove was found open even as all the windows of the house were shut. Police suspect Viveka first wanted to burn the house down, but decided against it


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