Friday, July 23, 2010

Khatta Meetha Movie Review: Must Watch Entertainer of 2010

Finally, Priyadarshan comes up with a movie, Khatta Meetha that is equal to the likes of Hera Pheri and Hungama. If David Dhawan was the entertainer of the 90s, this decade belongs to Priyadarshan for sure. Khatta Meetha as people know is a remake of the famous 1989 Malayalam hit, Vellanakalude Nadu. The original starred one of the best actors of India, Mohanlal. Akshay Kumar in the reprised role of Sachin Chitkule stands up for the challenge and delivers what can be safely said his best performance to date. Watch Khatta Meetha for Akshay Kumar at his best.
Story of Khatta Meetha
In Khatta Meetha, Akshay Kumar plays the role of a contractor Sachin Chitkule, who has resigned to a normal man’s life, where he works his way through bribes so that he is able to get his job done quickly. In his family are brothers who are doing well for themselves, working in the municipal level and doing frauds and crimes at a bigger level. Akshay kumar however meets with failures even if he does things right or if he tries to manipulate. During one of his endeavors, he meets up with his old love Trisha who is the municipal commissioner. She does not take kindly to him and proves to be his roadblock. Also Akshay Kumar’s workers are a group of lunactics, who always screw up and add to Akshay’s woes. The movie is pepped with comedy and occasional dramatic moments, making it a neat package , which has a contemporary value also . Full marks to Priyadarshan for making Khatta Meetha watchable in 2010 even though the original was in 1989
Techically speaking
The editing of the movie is very sharp, not giving you much of a time to think. Some of the funny scenes may be things that you have seen before, for instance, the damaged painting scene in Asrani’s home that looks straight out of Bean the Movie, but we can excuse that. Since it is a tried and tested formula, Priyadarshan looks quite confident of pulling the movie in his trademark style and he succeeds.
Song picturizations in Khatta Meetha The songs do not stop the flow of the film and in fact, adds the glamor touch. The songs are positioned at proper intervals and Trisha looks lovely especially in the Teecha Nanachi Taang song.
Performances in Khatta Meetha
We don’t think any other actor in Bollywood would have pulled Khatta Meetha with so much elan as Akshay Kumar. He has breathed life in the role, so much that Sachin Chitkule looks like someone you know. His comic timing is superb in the film. He even looks surprisingly young in the role of a college student. Another actor who matches him scene for scene is the irrepressible Rajpal Yadav. Whenever he comes on screen, it is a riot. Johnny Lever also manages to impress in a cameo. Sadly, Trisha’s performance is below par and the shocking thing is that though she is rated top in South, she looks quite a novice in Khatta Meetha much below the likes of an Asin or even what Priyamani did in Raavan
Conclusion: Khatta Meetha is the best entertainer of 2010 so far. A superhit is certain, let’s wait and watch if Golmaal 3 can beat it.


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