Thursday, July 29, 2010

Khatta Meetha a Super Hit

Akshay Kumar has got his magic wand back,Khatta Meetha is a superhit. The actor has finally hit jackpot. If you remember 2008 was Akshay Kumar’s year with 5 back to back hits. Then the downslide started from 2009 no thanks to Chandni Chowk to China, Kambhakkt Ishq, Blue, 8X10 Tasveer. But 2010 has turned to be his lucky year with two hits Houseful and Khatta Meetha.

Khatta Meetha, one of the biggest hits of 2010 has been given a ‘yes’ certificate by the general public who loved it, even though the critics ripped it apart. Akshay Kumar in the role of the common man has given his best performance so far. So convincing was he in the role of Sachin Tichkule, that the character is on its way to be a cult personality.

Khatta Meetha is making good money in the single screen theaters though multiplex audiences gave it a cold shoulder. The film actually turned out to be a profitable proposiion even before its release. The film was made in just Rs. 30 crore, which is quite less, compared to the budget of the films being made now.

A TV channel paid Rs. 12 crore for the rights, the overseas rights were Rs. 5 crore, music fetched Rs. 4 crore and the home video rights got the movie Rs.2 crore. To total it all, the film has made Rs. 23 before its release. A source says, "Khatta Meetha was made with a budget of Rs 30 crore (including print and publicity) and has already made Rs 48 crore in pre-sold rights and digital revenues even before the movie hit screens on Friday."

Director Priyadarshan and Akshay Kumar both agree that the fact that the film was about the common man hit home. Akshay says, “It turned out to be a win-win situation as they bought the film under recession. If my distributors are happy I am happy. Also I'm pleased that the film has worked with the masses. The film is about the common man and if they have liked it, that works for me.”

Khatta Meetha has worked on the ‘law’ set by 2009’s big hit Wanted, starring Salman Khan. If you touch the heart of the common, the movie is a huge hit.


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