Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rajeev Masand Amitabh Bachchan Controversy

After Chetan Bhagat vs Aamir Khan conroversy, it is journalist Rajeev Masand Big B controversy that is rising up. The war of words started on everyone's favorite online playground, Twitter.

Rajeev Masand, while expressing his opinion on promotional gimmick by Akshay Kumar on his new release tweeted – ‘Need innovative ideas to promote films in competitive times. But Akshay Kumar grinning like a jackass at RKLaxman's hospital bed is a new low’.

Mentioning of Akshay Kumar as ‘jackass’ was something Amitabh Bachchan didn't appreciate and while expressing his unhappiness he tweeted the journalist back –‘Rajeev, your fraternity will never pull you up for calling Akshay a 'jackass'. Ever thought if the reverse were to be done... would your fraternity have spared Akshay if he were to address you as one? Never expected this language from you!’

Amitabh Bachchan then tweeted Barkha Dutt, who tweeted earlier that she was sad about journalists who spread canards about other journalists. Bachchan in his tweet to Barkha Dutt said, “One of your colleagues Rajeev Masand, just called Akshay Kumar a jackass. Is this your 'aspiration' for 'higher standards’!

To give an end to all this, Rajeev Masand wrote an open letter to Bachhan on July 12, 2010 which goes as:

In response to your message to me, my humble reply:

Dear Sir, Let us consider: if my fraternity won't pull me up for that 'jackass' comment, could it possibly be because they see some sense in my comment?

Or could it be because that is what fraternity does: Stands by each other? You should know, Sir.

I don't remember your fraternity pulling you up for the attack on photographers by security outside your house during Abhishek’s wedding.

I don't remember your fraternity so much as expressing outrage when Abhishek ‘allegedly’ bashed up a photographer on a film set.

But your concern Sir, is the use of the term 'jackass'. A strong word, perhaps, but appropriate I think, to express horror at the complete lack of sensitivity involved in a film promotion of that nature.

However, controversial my choice of words, it is me taking a ‘stand’, Sir, expressing my ‘opinion’. Two words your fraternity seems largely unfamiliar with.

Regarding your outrage/disappointment at my choice of words apologies, Sir. If expressing my opinion lowers your impression of me, then that is a cross I shall have to bear. But finally, by your own logic, Sir: will your fraternity pull up Akshay for this tasteless gimmick? Or do you think it is innovative too?

Respectfully yours,

Rajeev Masand


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