Sunday, August 8, 2010

Govinda Hurt his Fans in Raavan

Govinda has defended his role in Raavan saying that he has no problems with what he did in the film. He says, “What I do is my choice. And nobody can challenge it. Nowadays every hero is playing a character. E used to have hero based roles earlier and the hero used to fight with 50 people and people loved to see but time has changed. “

You may have a point Govinda, but you are doing disservice to your fans. Govinda was known for his ability to make films with the most inane scripts become blockbusters. There is a style to bull-shit with excellence and Govinda knew to do it so well, that his fans were loving it and asking for more. Remember the number 1 movies like Coolie Number 1, Hero No. 1, Raja Babu, Dulhe Raja and Aankhen? Seeing him play a side-kick to Abhishek Bachchan in Raavan and that too in a half-baked role was definitely something that his fans didn’t like.

Actors do character roles but that does not mean do the roles that are inconsequential. For instance, if Shah Rukh Khan had a character role in Saathiya but don’t we remember him?


designer sarees said...

Guys ... Watch the movie again ..its very intelligent plot .. you need to watch every word spoken ( also words not spoken ) .. it was an amazing journey and experience .. Salute you Mani ..

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