Sunday, August 8, 2010

Kangna Ranaut:: Anurag Basu should make Kites Again

Post the monumental failure of Kites, Kangna Ranaut thinks that Indian audiences failed to connect with Barbara Mori as the heroine of the film. “I think Indian audiences failed to connect with Barbara, in spite of her being such a beautiful woman and a great actress because she was not of their nationality.’

She continues, “For instance, if I go to Hollywood, why would an American viewer want to connect with me? We have different cultures, different skin tones, different languages , we are different people altogether. We may like somebody occasionally in a different role, but we will not connect with them. All the super stars in every film industry are average looking people You cannot be a star by looking good, people should relate to you.”

She says “When I got to know that the film had changed completely from what Anurag had narrated to me, I told him to bill my role as a guest appearance becuae it just didn’t go anywhere. It was not even a supporting role.” She adds, “It feels bad when you have shot so much and then all of that is hardly used. After I was signed for Kites, I shot for 60 days and during that time, Kites was a different film altogether. In fact, I kept telling Anurag that he should make the movie he always liked to make, the way he visualized it. Anurag should make Kites all over again, the way it was originally supposed to be and I am sure it will be a good


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