Monday, September 20, 2010

Bollywood’s Superstar performances

Let us look at Bollywood movies that have run 90 percent, on the basis of main lead’s performance. Here are some Bollywood films that have become huge super-hits highly because of the actor’s sweeping performance.

Baazigar (1993): Baazigar was an out and out Shah Rukh Khan film; there was Abbas Mustan of course directing the movie; there was Kajol coming out on her own; and the movie had its thrills but: everyone who saw it said Shah Rukh Khan single handedly lifted the film to its cult status by his sheer adrenalin gushing performance

Kaho Naa.. Pyaar Hai(2000): There was cinematic revolution when Hrithik Roshan stormed in Bollywood with an all-in-one package in Kaho Na ..Pyaar Hain. Girls loved him, boys wanted to be like him and children adored him; they all still do but the hysteria is not so much as it was for Kaho Na..Pyaar Hain. There are many 10 year old boys now, who are called Hrithik. Why?? Beause many of them were named ‘Hrithik’ after the actor became a house-hold name ten years ago.

Ghajini (2008): Ghajini was an Aamir Khan film all the way, he had a dual role to play: of a successful businessman as well as that of a mentally challenged person; he did both the roles with elan. He packaged himself well and the movie was a huge incentive for an Aamir Khan fan, which is almost 90 percent of the country.

Dabangg (2010): Dabangg is a superhit; and many critics and people agree that whenever Salman Khan is not in the frame, the movie is duh!! But whenever he is in the frame, the movie becomes wow! That is Salman Khan’s star power in Dabangg.


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