Friday, September 10, 2010

Dabangg Movie Review: Dabangg, Salman Khan's Best Ever

Dabangg, the latest Salman Khan offering is just what the public wanted-total Dhamaal and entertainment. The movie may not have much to offer on substance, but when there is ‘substantial’ star power of Salman Khan, everything else can rest. With a Rajnikanth-like clout, Salman Khan supersedes every expectation, confirming why he is the best crowd-puller today.

Story of Dabangg; Chulbul Pandey(aka Robin Hood Pandey) is a fearless, corrupt cop who has no qualms about rubbing wrong people the wrong way, battering the bad guys and helping out the poor guys. He has a step brother Arbaaz Khan and stepfather Vinod Khanna, whom he hates from the bottom of his heart. Chulbul also invites the ire of Cheddi Singh,(Sonu Sood) a local politician who is baying for blood and tries different ways to get him, in vain. Somewhere down the line, we also have Chulbul Pandey romancing Rajjo(Sonakshi Sinha) in his own inimitable manner. And the guy goes again bashing the blues out of the villains. So by now, you must have guessed, the story is not nothing much to talk about about but yes, there is lotsa’ style; lotsa’ attitude and lotsa’ punch. Dabangg seems to have left from where Wanted left off and creates magic.
Plus points of Dabangg:
• Salman Khan, Salman Khan, Salman Khan. If he is not in the screen, you feel there is something wrong in the film.
• The superb punch-lines, the mind-boggling action scenes; the movie is made brilliantly to catch the eyeballs in multiplexes as well. Sallu was the king of single screen theaters; this one makes an impact on multiplexes as well.
• Malaika Arora’s funky masala number “Munni Badnam Hui’ This is sexy and funny at the same time, just cannot be missed.
• Quick editing; scenes move briskly and there is no one boring moment.

Performances in Dabangg:
The reason why this movie works is that Salman Khan’s character is an extension of his real life persona-fun-filled, unpredictable, aggressive, direct and generous. So apart from the magic of the Smashing Khan, new comer Sonakshi also does a good job. She is pleasantly plump, a far cry from those wafer thin heroines. Sonu Sood is another man to watch out. With a well-toned near perfect physique, he almost overshadows Salman with his muscular presence. But as Salman said, his role didn’t demand him to be too muscular because a corrupt cop does not really have a good physique. The other actors do just as well; but they seem happy to Salman take the lead

Conclusion: Dabanng is a mast watch.
Rating:****(Very Good)


Anonymous said...

dabbagan is a super hit entertaing move go gus watch it ,,

Anonymous said...

Its a really naice movie... its a full on entertaining movie..

Anonymous said...

Masala movie... go n watch it..

anassabri said...

dabangg ne to shahrukh khan ki phad k rah di, ab kaha bill me chale gaye king khan (media ko paise deke apneaap ko king khan kahelwane wala)

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