Friday, September 10, 2010

Salman Khan, Bollywood’s Rajnikanth

Salman Khan can well be called Bollywood’s Rajnikanth. As we know, the South Indian superstar does not even need to promote his films; his fans do it for him. The makers of Rajnikanth movies are careful not to show important parts in the first fifteen minutes, because for the first fifteen minutes you hear nothing but claps, whistles and howls. You cannot imagine any Bollywood star getting anywhere close to Rajnikanth; Salman Khan however comes close to an exception.

Salman's big hit Dabangg is drawing the Rajnikanth fervor, with his fans loving every moment of the movie, the whistles coming in right from the start of the film. The fact that Sallu has a smashing entry and crowd-wowing scenes in the film, is an added bonus.

Only Salman Khan can carry off the swagger, the style, the care-a-damn demeanor and come up with a silly style sense like sunglasses on his back and yet find a sea of supporters. If you notice that in Salman Khan movies, you do not see the characters like you see in an Aamir film (Munna, Bhuvan, Akash, Rancho); in Sallu movies, you just see Salman Khan and that is what is his fans love.


amjadk said...

Dagangggggggggggggggggg is th 2020 tak biggest hit

Anonymous said...

s, we also agree salman is " THE " best than others.

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