Sunday, September 5, 2010

Shahrukh says Salman, Aamir Better Than Him

Shahrukh Khan says that he loves Salman Khan and Aamir. SRK also said Salman Khan and Aamir Khan are better than him. He said, "I have a huge amount of respect for Aamir and Salman."

"I think they're wonderful. I think they're great stars, I know them personally and they're great human beings. And they're much bigger stars than I can ever be. I hope one day I can be like them in terms of work."

But Salman Khan is not interested in Shahrukh Khan's friendship. After the heated altercation the superstars had Katrina Kaif's birthday party (the poor girl has stopped celebrating her birthday publicly ever since), the two have not been on talking terms. Sallu says, he said, "Shah Rukh and I don't talk anymore. We had misunderstanding and hence parted ways... There is no chance of Shah Rukh and Salman coming together in future".

When he was egged if he misses Shahrukh, Salman said annoyingly, ", "Shah Rukh meri girlfriend nahi thi... apni purani girlfreind ko miss nahi karta, Shah Rukh ko kya karunga (Shah Rukh was not my girlfriend... I don't miss my ex-girlfriends for that matter, why will I miss him?)

Incidentally Shahrukh khan has been blending a lot with the We Are Family Team of his buddy Karan Johar and even promoted the film at various events; even though he is not even doing a small bit in the film.


Anonymous said...

that Y Shahrukh khan is the King of Bollywood right... Keep It Up Srk U r The one!!

prongy said...

srk just made this remark to increase his reputation publicly!srk wants people to acknowledge him as a great person considering even his enemies greater than himself...

Salman Khan is far more better than srk as he gives the example to live by BEING HUMAN himself

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