Sunday, October 17, 2010

Akshay Kumar Diet and Fitness Secrets

 Akshay Kumar’s diet and fitness secrets are something that everyone would like to benefit from. You have seen him hosting the Kitchen Show Masterchef with aplomb. At 43, he looks so hot and fit that even guys half his age may get a complex. No wonder, he was looking absolutely perfect paired opposite Jiah Khan,22, in Housefull as he did with Raveena Tandon eons ago in Mohra. Let’s hear it from the man Akshay himself about fitness and diet tips

Try and eat within 20 minutes of waking up. The most important thing to do in the morning is cleanse your body and boost your metabolism. Start with hot lime water. Then start with slow cardio so your body can immediately go into 'fat burning' mode.

You can never drink enough water. Tank up with healthy fluids so your body doesn't think your stomach is empty, it also helps you eat less at meal times.

Eat as often as possible. Keep the portions small. Make sure you are getting enough of carbs, proteins etc. Go for steamed, sauteed or grilled food instead of deep fried. Eating every two hours may seem boring but that's the only way to keep your metabolism high, burn fat and stay healthy. You should never go without food. If you starve yourself, your body goes into shock and stores the food you eat instead of burning it.
You don't have to be so strict on your diet, you just need to be sensible. Eat everything in moderation. If you restrict yourself from eating something you like, it won't be long before you lose control and start to binge. That's the biggest failure of all dieting techniques. Diets are a regime; they are not there to kill you, just to guide you.

Know when to stop If you are given a big plate of food, it doesn't mean you lick the plate clean. Eat in a small plate, take small bites and chew your food properly. Stop eating when you are feeling 70% full. In order to shrink your over sized stomach you must learn to eat little and often. Trust me, it's the best way.

Try to finish eating your meal at least two hours before bedtime. At night, your body is resting so it doesn't need a big meal. Ideally try and have your dinner no later than 7-8 pm. Soups, salads and veggies are perfect for dinner. Definitely no carbs (rice, bread) because your body will not burn them while you're sleeping. It'll only gift you the famous Indian paunch.


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Like it. Akshay kumar.

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I just love everything about Akshay Kumar and his fitness, he is the best role model for every youngster.

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