Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Arbaaz Khan Shobha De Twitter War

Arbaaz Khan producer of Dabangg has hit back at Shobha De on Twitter. He was quite generous with the venom that he unleashed against the author. Arbaaz wrote “Hey guys what's your opinion on Shobha De a writer of sleaze and pornographic novels. She writes a lot of sh*# about Salman and Malaika. Her claim to fame is marrying some rich industrialist. I'm not sure if its 3 or 4. Pl lemme know”

His following tweets were even more caustic "Mr De hold on to your money or Shobha at 60 can still compete with Elizabeth Taylor... One thought that age makes you wiser but unfortunately it's not happening in the case of Shobhaa who is 60... Shobhaa's opinions on my family reek of bias, jealousy and frustration. I have been ignoring her comments for the longest time but no more... This idiotic woman had recently said ban Dabangg. Who the hell is she? Is she the god damn law?.. She's a frustrated sleaze writer. That's it! If this woman was not to write about celebs she would not even be entertained... Honestly I hate to give people like Shobhaa any importance but she's been writing personal, biased stuff 4 the longest time. Enough is enough."

And the final sarcastic tweet by Arbaaz directed to Shobha De was “Buddi Badhnaam Hui Darling Mere Liye”

He also wrote, as he retweeted what others wrote against Shobha “Its nt the reviews I'm reacting to Good or bad one takes it ones stride. Its a long standing personal bias that is unjustified that bothers”
“Anyway don't wanna give too much importance to this. I'm gonna move on. I'm enjoying my film success. Let barking dogs bark. Say wot ?”

Though Shobha De is yet to react to this, she has been given the cold look by many celebrities for her no-holds barred comments in newspapers. She had once expressed her view on Deepika Padukone saying “She would not win a Miss Dombivali contest - no figure, no sex appeal, no looks. I mean.... look at her closely. Go on... jawline? Too wide. Eyes? Bulging. Hair line? Untidy. Speech? Verni. Sure, she is graceful and can act reasonably well. But she ain't hot!”

However in her blog, she was quite appreciative of Malaika Arora ( like Malaika Arora's... but more voluptuous).  Read the post

But at that time though Deepika didn’t react, her rival Sonam Kapoor jumped to Deepika’s rescue saying
“for a 60-something porn writer, I am sure she (Shobha) knows what she's talking about.” She also wrote "if she (Shobha) thinks Deepika is ordinary then she sure needs to wear glasses. Her eyesight is failing her.”
The author then wrote a scathing review on I Hate Luv Storys on one of the news papers, some of the excerpts of which were "It is a wonder Karan actually approved the script of such an excruciatingly pointless film which, post-interval, suddenly takes off for New Zealand...one is ready to shake up this bloke called Punit Malhotra (chief villain) and spank him in public."

This aggravated director Puneet Malhotra shot back on Twitter “Guys pls don't take Shobhaa De seriously. Shobhaa De is a fossil going through menopause. She doesn't get action.” Sonam had retweeted this message with a ‘ha ha’ but then apologized to Shobha. “Mrs De I owe you an apology for getting personal. I am ashamed for my momentary lapse in judgment. And apologetic. Every writer and journalist and audience is entitled to her opinion and I respect that,.” It looked as if papa Anil Kapoor had asked her daughter to not overeact and come in news for needless reasons.

Shobha De had earlier ran into problems with Celina Jailtey too. She has writtene against Celina Jaitley in her weekly saying “Celina Jaitly spoke sense (she was clearly being prompted via text messages during Arnab’s show, but what the hell she played the messenger convincingly), could she not have dropped the blue contact lenses, fake lashes, crazy wig and caked make up? She wasn’t shooting an item song. For someone pretty smart and articulate, Celina often gets it completely wrong when it comes to putting herself together for sober occasions. Nothing a clued-in stylist can’t fix… but fast, please!!

Celina retorted with ” As a military attache’s grand daughter and the daughter of an army colonel, I have been brought up to not react to the insults made by my elders. I’ve had the sort of upbringing which makes me reserve my comments against jibes made by someone my grandmother’s age. I feel, after reading Shobha aunty’s last colum that she is taking a neutral stand (against the decision to make homosexuality legal in the county) to keep both sides happy, until the supreme court decision comes through…. and then she will swing to whichever side of the grass is greener.

Sad, I expected much more from her. I guess Ms De lives to put down the film industry no matter what our contribution is. She should know we actors are people of the massses and classes, we see no race and no religion. All we see is how human we can be. No matter what their sexual orientation.”

But no one hit it hard against Shobha De till Arbaaz Khan decided to do the honors. Shobha after the release of Dabangg has praised the movie but at the same time wrote "The one scene that really and truly created history and will go down as an astonishing cinematic moment is the one of Salman Khan's shirt tearing, popping and flying off his back... all by itself! The shirt deserves a special award for performing this remarkable feat - perhaps; it marks a first in world cinema!" She continued, "Those looking for a plot, be warned - it is flimsier than Munni's (Malaika in a sizzling item number that out-beedis Bipasha's) barely there costumes. Both are 'badnaam'."

What may have ruffled Arbaaz’s feathers was her immediate tweet on Salman’s controversy of his statements about 26/11 terrorist attack after Dabangg had released. Shobha had written "Salman Khan's shocking statement about 26/11 smacks of arrogance, ignorance and plain stupidity. A lame apology won't do Sallu bhai. Boycott Dabangg"

Bollywood Trends views: Arbaaz could have handled the matter in a more mature manner and not resorted to downright abuse.What are your views, guys and gals?


Anonymous said...

way 2 go arbaaz

Anonymous said...

if shobha de is entitled to an opinion so is arbaz khan

Shynash21 said...

shoba de rocks!

purva said...

sum pple cant make it as actors so dey try their hand at producing,directing,singing etc.....n cant e1 succeed there.arbaaz khan's frustation clearly shows.today bollywood has such pple who make films keeping the masses in mind with IQ level -180.....n wen accomplished pple make a dig AT IT get all offended n make cheap remarks to get e1 more publicity for their films.these pple hav no AKAL,SHAKAL N AUKAT...

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