Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hissss Movie Review: Run Away From the Nagin

Mallika Sherawat plays Cobra’s wife No Bra in Hissss. Jokes apart, the movie is a joke.

Story of Hissss: A lonely, sad Nagin (Mallika Sherawat) moves into the city in search of her ‘nag’ who has been stolen away by an American hunter who wants to make use of the ‘nagmani’ to cure his cancer. On her way, the female serpent takes the form of humane female (eye-candy Mallika Sherawat) and helps women who have been oppressed and abused. The city witnesses a series of murders that are horrific and gory.

Chasing the trail is Irrfan Khan who is confused if there is something called ‘nagin taking revene’ or is it just a plain old folklore. There is Vikram Gupta and his forensic team who are assigned to finding evidence about the source of these murders, whom the locals believe is the handiwork of this ‘ichardaari nagin’

Plus point for Hissss: The only ‘special’ effect worth talking about is a nude Mallika Sherawat! She cavorts through the film in her birthday suit and males in the audience will be thankful for seeing her without clothes under the excuse of a snake-ridden movie.

Minus points of Hissss: The content is hardly there, the film is made tackily, special effects are bad and out of place Jennifer Lynch wanted to give her take on the Indian fetish for snakes but the result are far from satisfying.

Performances in Hissss: The lesser said about this the better. Mallika Sherawat is average but the rest of the cast is terrible. Irrfan Khan seems to have a genuine expression of surprise and disbelief in the film; he really seems to be wondering how did he land up in this project in the first place.

Conclusion: Mallika you are hot but only Sridevi can hissss better.


Harish said...

yeah good performance by Malika Sehrawat i like this is movie really good .....
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