Saturday, October 2, 2010

Jhoota Hi Sahi a copy of Friends

We would not like Jhoota Hi Sahi to be added to Bollywood’s plagiarized list of films and we feel that Jhoota Hi Sahi is an original movie. But Warner Bros, which is pretty strict on these things (they warned Action Replayy) as well; feel that this John Abraham movie is ripped from their serial ‘Friends’.

Apparently, the popular Hollywood production house, Warner Bros has demanded a viewing of the film, claiming that the film is a rip-off of their television series 'Friends'. However, the producers of the film are finding this claim ludicrous. The film’s producer Madhu Manthena is believed to have got a call from the company’s officials stating that they think the movie is copied from ‘Friends’. Manthena did explain to them that his film was original but they have insisted on screening the film for their benefits; else they would sue the producers. What do you think about this guys and girls?


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