Sunday, October 17, 2010

Katrina Kaif's beauty secrets, Katrina Kaif Make Up

Katrina Kaif’s beauty and makeup secrets, here it from the famous that can launch a thousand brands

1. Make-up can only enhance what you already have. Obviously, make-up is important for every woman. I feel the most commonly made mistake is using too much. Find what suits you even if it’s just emphasising your eyes, and keeping your lips natural. I usually just put a highlighter under my eyes, a thin eyeliner and of course, because of our climate, a powder compact is always handy!

2. Beautiful hair is a woman’s crowning glory. One of the first things people notice is your hair. Nowadays, there are so many safe options to help you groom your hairstyle. For example, if your hair is frizzy and unmanageable, you can do various straightening treatments which last a few months, to save time.

3. If you look good, you will feel good. Hit the gym! Most of us hate the gym, but there are ways that can help you enjoy working out. Get a workout partner -- if not a trainer -- or somebody who has similar goals as you. If you don’t enjoy cardio, yoga is an option or pilates, or even just walking for half an hour is better than nothing.
4. Eat right. So first and foremost, would be diet. Dieting is not hard, it’s actually about sensible eating. Avoid overly processed and fried foods. Antioxidants are essential to glowing skin. Gorge on all kinds of berries and other fruits, as they have high antioxidant content.

5. Dress sensibly. Trying to follow fashion trends can be very complicated and usually goes wrong. Find out what suits your body, what you feel comfortable in and dress accordingly. Simple jeans and a white shirt can have a better impact then a loudly styled outfit.

6. Beauty Sleep. No one looks nice with bags under their eyes. Sleep is very important to give your body rest. Stress is the worst thing for your skin and health. Try and find time for simple things like spa treatments, head massages and take out time for yourself!


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