Saturday, October 2, 2010

Khichdi Movie Review: A Funsome Entertainer

Khichdi, the house-hold name in TV entertainment has metamorphosed into a movie Khichdi-The Movie. Does it do a good job? Yes, it does.. Khichd-The Movie is the first Indian TV series to be made into a movie,a common thing in the West like Sex and the City and Desperate Housewives.

Khichdi manages to create a mirth-quake with its eccentric characters and clever lines. A truly entertaining film, this one cannot be missed. Both Robot and Khichdi are entertaining in their own way, and both are an answer to ‘How to spend my weekend/ free time?'

For two hours, you submit yourself to the comic travails of Hansa, Himanshu, Parminder , Praful and company. Hansa (Supriya Pathak)’s brother Himanshu(J.D.Matheija) is aspiring to experience a legendary love-story. He falls in love with the neighborhood girl Parminder, and very smoothly; they get engaged. One day before marriage, Himanshu feels that there is nothing really special and challenging in their love-story. There is no dram, no conflict, no parental pressure, no resistance, no sad music nothing. So the mad-cap family decide to deliberately make things dramatic to help Himanshu develop his love-story into a memorable one.

Plus points of Khichdi: The amazing performance of the star-cast, the witty one-liners; simply speaking; there are very insipid moments in these two hours. The court-room sequence in the climax is a winner, something that you would take back home long after the movie is over.

Minus points of Khichdi: There is a crime angle in the film that does not really hold much water. The love angle is also not so interesting. In fact, writer-director Aatish Kapadia who excels in humor, looks out of place, when he turns to drama, however little it may be. But thankfully, the funny scenes and particulary the court room scene make sure that the ‘insanity’ is restored.

Performances in Khichdi: Every actor is awesome in khichdi. Anang Desai is brilliant, Supriya Pathak outstanding as ever; Rajeev Mehta is a favorite, as expected. J.D. keeps people on the edge with laughter, Kirti Kulhari is attractive and spunky, Girish and Keith are fine, Kesar Majethia and Markand Soni are lovely while Nimisha Vakharia is amazing. There are some cameo appearances as well, which make the whole thing even more entertaining.

Conclusion: Overall, Khichidi-The Movie is a de-stresser. Not only is the movie, a must-watch. Make sure you get the DVD version as well later, so that you can always watch it, when you are stressed out.

Rating:****(Very Good)


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