Saturday, October 2, 2010

Rajnikanth’s Robot to be the biggest hit ever in India

Robot has been hailed as Rajnikanth’s best film ever, and that is enough to create an ET(Entertainment Tsunami). Robot is sure to break all records by any film. Made with a sky high budget of Rs. 160 crores, at the rate at which it is going, it will cover it easily and go on to make substantial profits.

Here is how it will (by the time, you read this; it already has)
Ticket price for first week in India varies from Rs. 100 to Rs. 500. Overseas ticket price are fixed but money conversion will bring it to Rs. 400 to Rs. 600.
If we take conservative estimates and multiply……..
2250 prints(circulated) x 4 shows(per day) x 500 seats (in the theater) x Rs. 150 (per ticket) = 67,50,00,000 = Rs. 67.5 crore per day.
Rs. 67.5 crore x 3 days = Rs. 202.5 Crore.
Not a big deal to cross Rs.150 crores, wot say, Rajni saar??

Legend has it that Robot did not really need marketing and advertising because Rajnikanth’s presence alone creates an enormous interest in the proceedings. Rajnikanth’s fans(which are millions, anyway) in South India, had been queuing up since 3 am to catch the first day first show of the film. The posters and billboards of the movie were bathed in milk and aarthis were performed. It was about time for Rajnimania to take place, and it did with the superhit response of Robot. In multiplexes and single screen houses, they have had to add one more morning show to their packed schedule to absorb the extra crowd.

From our reports in Chennai, the fans went beserk clapping, cheering, whistling and hollering at the last half an hour, which is known to have the ‘best climax in any Indian film’. This is one Rajni movie, which may not have his dashing entry but the climax is all-pervading.

Chennai had to happen, even Mumbai has not been spared of the Entertainment Tsunami. Robot opened to packed houses in Aurora theater in Mumbai. Even SRK-Ranbir-Aamir lovers have been raving about the film and have said that the movie’s special effects and star power has to be seen to be believed. With critics also giving no short of 4 and 4 ½ stars, Robot is emerging as the top grossing Indian film ever.

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