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Robot Movie Review: The Biggest South Indian Hit Ever

Apart from being the biggest South Indian hit ever, Robot is poised to become one of Bollywood’s biggest hits as well. Robot(Endhiran) came with a predetermined fate that smelt success since the second most successful actor in Asia, Rajnikanth (first being Jackie Chan); stars in it. When you have director of the caliber of Shankar, the most beautiful woman in the world Aishwarya and Mr. Box Office Rajnikanth himself, can anything get wrong? No way!! And yes, the only movie to knock Salman Khan’s Rajnikanth-like Dabangg is a movie from the man himself, Robot!

Dr. Vasi(Rajnikanth) is a scientist who is so much involved in his work that he hardly has time for his parents or girlfriend Sana(Aishwarya Rai). Vasi wants to create a humanoid Robot that will handle all the everday menial things as well as serve humanity in a noble way. Though he manages to create a perfect humanoid which looks exactly as himself, Vasi goes two steps ahead and teaches the robot the value of human emotions. That boomerangs because the Robot named ‘Chitti’ falls in love with Aishwarya. To make things more complicated, a jealous scientist(Danny Dengongpa) implants a chip in the robot that converts the humanoid who is all set to destroy everything in front of him. Will Dr.Vasi be able to stop the machine before the machine overtakes mankind? Watch

Plus points about Robot:

Robot is a visual treat, in fact one of the most beautiful movies you have ever seen in your life, we dare say. It is a full-blown theater experience. All credit to Shankar for leaving no stone unturned and investing the 160 crores (Robot is the most expensive Indian movie) in the right direction. He is backed by the Stan Winston Studio of Hollywood who were involved in the action scenes of Jurassic Park and Avatar. Hong Kong based action director who choreographed the stunts for Matrix and Kill Bill adds the thrills in Robot-Endhiran.

People who wonder what the Rajnikanth brouhaha is all about will finally get their answers. Rajnikanth, the king of impracticable possibilities is Terminator, Iron Man, Spiderman all rolled into one. Yep, the true superhero movie which actually graces Hollywood standards is finally here.

You cant help but be awestruck by Rajnikanth splitting into 100s of Rajnikanths, doing all sorts of stunts and actions, ingesting helicopters, racing along a speeding train horizontally. It is not that Rajni saar has not done some implausible stuff before that made many rejoice and some frown. But in Robot, you got to believe him when he shoots someone with his fingers. In any case, we have been attuned to the fact Rajnikanth can do things that no actor can do, and we would love to live with that legend.

If you thought Robot is just action, think again. Shankhar has always involved his movies around some message: be it Shivaji-The Boss, Nayak or Hindustani. All of them have been applauded for an innovative story. Who can forget Nayak(Anil Kapoor-Rani Mukherjee) movie that has the best repeat value on television, even though it did average business on TV. Back to Robot, even this one has a good plot with a smartly hidden message that is not forced down your throat.

The love triangle between man-woman-machine is definitely another smart move. The songs are delightfully picturized and Aishwarya Rai looks wow-some. The dances are choreographed by the best in the business, Prabhu Deva and Raju Sundaram. This is one masala movie that will be loved by kids and adults alike.

Finally, the amazing half an hour at the end, featuring a smashing climax rounds up the visual feast.Robot receives 4 ½ rating, a distinguished one considering only Satya and Kuch Kuch Hota Hain has got a five star rating in Bollywood, courtesy Times of India.

Minus points in Robot: Rahman’s music does not do justice to the grandeur of the movie. Surely, the master could have come with a better score. Also the movie gets a bit stretched post interval.

Performances in Robot: Aishwarya is delightful, a sight for sore-eyes. She proves why she is timeless just like her male lead, Rajnikanth. As far as the legend is concerned, there is two much on the front here with two Rajni-saars battling wits against each other. Double dose for sure

Conclusion: Light, Sound, Action: Robot is sure to bang bang all the other movies in its way.

Rating:****1/2(Almost Excellent)


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Definitely Robot is the biggest blockbuster movie of south from till date, in this movie we show the latest advanced animation technologies are being used in various sections, the story was quite good with a strong script.

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