Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rohit Shetty's Movies and Their Kickass Dialogues

One thing good about Rohit Shetty's movies are their kick-ass one liners. In all his three back to back hits, the one liners really rocked. They are usually smart ones and not something that are just put for effect or boring. All the Best, incidentally had the best one-liners and funny lines, which is why it is still regarded as his best work. Let us look at the smashing one-liners in Rohit Shetty movies

All the Best
1. Failure mein phd hoon.- Phata Hua Dhol.
Tere se bada degree mere pass hain: Maha Bbekaar Aaadmi

2. My personal favorite(tailormade for Sanjay Dutt): Comedy toh abhi abhi shuru ki hain beta, action toh tees saal se kartha aa raha hoon

3. Dosti me ek doosrey ka faida dekha jaatha hain, faida utaya nahin jaata

4. I care a bhakra nangal damn, yeah?

5. Ab patha chala, doosre ke credit card se shopping karo toh kaise lagtha hain?

Golmaal Returns
1. Shaq what the **ck
2. Aain shapath main bakasoor hoon, I mean bekasoor hoon
3. Horny ko kaun taal saktha hain (this line went without laughs, possibly because Shreyas Talpade did not stress on that 'h' word but it was a really smart one)
4. maja fakt aii pappa (Shreyas says when Celina rattles off the name of her grand father..ponappa, chinappa)

Arre Sameer
Bachpan mein dekha tha
lollipop khata tha,choti chaddi pehenta tha
badi shararat karta tha!
Yaad aya.?


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