Thursday, November 4, 2010

Action Replayy Movie Review:

Action Replayy is inspired from Robert Zememkis' 1985 film, Back To The Future, where Michael J.Fox, a hep teenager had a job which our Bunty has in this film. Read more on Bollywood plagiarized list of films
Young Bunty(Aditya Roy Kapoor) is not interested in marrying his girlfriend because he has seen his dad Kishen(Akshay Kumar) and mom Mala(Aishwarya Rai) spend their fighting with each other. But will he change his thinking after he gets to travel back in time, find out the past and amend his parents’ love story?

Plus points: Full marks to the director Vipul Shah for getting the 70s culture bang-on. The retro look and the costumes are relevant and realistic and the performance as expected, is impressive.

Minus points: The movie falls flat when it comes to the humor. It is left to the actors to improvise but with the deadpan lines, they can only try so much. The movie comes to form only when son Bunty does a makeover of his dad Kishen and Akshay emerges in a more elegant avatar as the typical hero with just one thing left to do, tame Aishwarya who has been making his life miserable and turn her into good wifey. Action Replay seriously needed a more tighter, lighter script to keep the laughter flames rising high. Also the silly common man that Akki has been playing in quite a few movies, Welcome, Housefull and Khatta Meetha makes this one look cliché. The music is also a dampener save for one Zor ka jhatka...

Performances: Aishwarya Rai does come with a neat performance and Akshay Kumar, if we were not done with his common man acts before, would hae impressed

Conclusion: Action Replay is just about okay


free movies said...

Watched this movie over the weekend.Akshay plays 3 roles in the movie and does a good job of it, especially the nerdy and the old look. he has not gone over the top like the Priyan darshan movies. Ash was a little disappointing,she was very uncomfortable in the comic scenes but does well in the remaining part.

Overall it is an average movie as you said.

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