Tuesday, December 28, 2010

5 Reasons why Bollywood Movies Flop: Tees Maar Khan case study

Close on the heels of how to make a successful Bollywood film, let us find out why Tees Maar Khan flopped despite all the buzz around it. This can also be interpreted to find 5 important reasons that make 90 percent of Bollywood movies flop almost every year.

1. Illogical and senseless execution Salman fighting twelve people at one go and jumping from one roof to the other courtesy special effects, in Dabangg, is definitely not realistic but people can live with it. But showing Akshaye Khanna in Tees Maar Khan as a superstar who is so scatter-brained that he does not realize that Akshay Kumar is duping him is senseless, an insult to your existence as a consumer who pays hard-earned money to watch a Bollywood movie. On top of that, you show Akshay Kumar duping the entire village with his nonsense about making a film. Come on, even people from the BC era would not fall prey to such a ludicrous proposition. Now that is being senseless, and people cannot digest it. Period.

2. Too much hype: Sheela ki Jawaani was hyped very much and it was positioned as a competitor to Munni Badnaam Hui; that worked against the movie. Having said that, on its own Sheela Ki Jawaani was well picturized but the hype did it in. When you put in so much hype, people always expect better no matter what you do.

3. Nothing to suit the title: We had so many reasons in Dabangg to find out why Salman Khan was 'Dabangg'(fearless). There was nothing much to see why Akshay Kumar was 'Tees Maar Khan'. He did nothing overwhelming or thrilling to do justice to do the title of the film.

4. Taking the audience for granted: The last scene in Tees Maar Khan has Akshay Kumar saying that there will be two releases: his movie as well as himself (he is brought handcuffed to the theater). And then he does a Houdini, all of a sudden, the handcuffed Akshay disappears and someone else is found in his place. That is the difference between Akshay Kumar and Aamir Khan, the first one takes his audience for granted. How could you, Akki bhaiya?

5. Being just sexy is half the battle lost: Katrina Kaif is the sexy Sheela, but what does she do? Mouth dumb lines and look lost in the entire movie. At a time, when people are saying Katrina cannot act, she goes ahead and does a film where she plays a character who cannot act well. How dumb! Contrast that to Sonakshi Sinha’s character in Dabangg who had an understated sexiness in her with substantial role to play in a hero-dominated film. Bottom line: let the girl get a platform to show her emotive abilities rather than be a pretty moll.

What about the script? Is failure to have a good script, not a reason for Bollywood film to flop? We are not talking about good films, we are talking about hit Bollywood films and the formula that makes them money-spinners. Script, though is a good thing, may not be really essential. Read what is more important than a script for a hit Bollywood movie


Anonymous said...

but has it already flopped?i mean give the movie one week to figure out ...isnt it too early to predict.

Anonymous said...

ewwwww ...the movie was the most pathetic movie i have ever seen in my life.... puke puke puke ....

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