Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bollywood films may work without scripts

Lagaan, Chak De India, Taare Zameen Par, 3 Idiots are examples of good scripts in Bollywod films. But there have been so many Bollywood films that worked with an average or bad script. Some of the examples include Dhoom 2, Om Shanti Om, Dabangg, Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani etc. How do these movies become superhits? Apart from starpower that is common to all of them, it is the treatment and screenplay that have made these Bollywood films successful endeavors.

Screenplay that is interestingly woven can make the audience forgive the script or the lack of it. For example in Dhoom 2, one of the biggest Bollywood hits ever, the plot is ridden with errors. Bipasha Basu in the first half discreetly disappears only to come in the second half as her twin with a bikini to boot. Though people were wondering what happened to the first Bipasha, they didn’t think much because there was too much Dhoom-dhaam going in the movie anyway.

Today’s audience accepted the unrealistic reincarnation theme in Om Shanti Om (2007), because we are sold to the idea ‘as you sow, so shall you reap’; this is something that we have been brought up to believe from our ancestors. So when we see the first Shah Rukh Khan dying and the other being born in a contemporary era to seek revenge, we still accept it. In Om Shanti Om, the screenplay and dialogues were also instrumental in making the movie worth watching (at least much more than Tees Maar Khan) even though the script was implausible.

Come to think of it, Rakesh Roshan has made a fortune on the reincarnation theme with almost every movie of his showing the hero as a weakling in the first half and then his namesake or face-sake appearing to seek revenge.

The moral of the story(how relevant!) is that even if your story or script is not true or rational, if you can make it interesting with an entertaining screenplay and dialogues, you can still make money-spinning entertainers.


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