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Bollywood Top Controversies in 2010

Bollywood 2010 began with a good number of controversies, some of them turned ugly while others were nipped in the bud. Here is a look into the Bollywood controversies that were prominent in 2010:

1. Chetan Bhagat vs Aamir Khan controversy: There was an ugly row between Chetan Bhagat, the celebrated author of Five Point Someone and the makers of 3 Idiots. Chetan claimed that he was not given credit in the top rolls of the film, while the makers believed that there was no need to do so. Things turned uglier when Aamir Khan stepped in to defend the writer of 3 Idiots and the producers. But then, he was criticized largely by the public, for saying things without really knowing them in entirety. So, Aamir backed out and Chetan also decided that there was no point dragging the thing, and the controversy ended. Read more about the Chetan Bhagat Aamir controversy

2. Bipasha Basu Nude Ad controversy : Bipasha Basu without clothes was seen in a New York Lotto ad that she had shot in the US, ten years ago. The video surfaced when someone uploaded it on Youtube and it became viral much to the embrassment of the bong bombshell. Here is more information on the Bipasha Basu New York Lotto ad

3. Isha Koppikar’s casting couch blues: Isha Koppikar revealed that she was approached by a top actor, who is still very famous, to sleep with him; when she was starting out. But she declined and looked for work in the South. Isha said that she would not name the person because many families could be affected.

4. Abhishek Bachchan vs Prahlad Kakkar controversy: Adman Prahlad Kakkar during a movie festival said that Abhishek Bachchan is an example of a film family actor, who has got 17 opportunities to try his luck again, something that other people do not get.

5. Amitabh Bachchan vs Rajeev Masand : Critic Rajiv Masand accused Akshay Kumar of taking free publicity by deliberately attending the ailing cartoonist R.K.Laxman and ‘grinning like a jackass’ Though Akshay did not react, Amitabh Bachchan certainly did, which triggered a sharp repartee by Masand. Read more about the Amitabh Bachchan Rajeev Masand controversy

6. Arbaaz Khan vs Shobha De controversy : Shobha De, the famous novelist and newspaper columnist had said something that was unpalatable to Arbaaz khan, the producer of Dabangg. So, he went hammer and tongs on her on Twitter along with his followers who supporters in taking her case. Shobha maintained a dignified silence. Here is more information on what Arbaaz Khan criticized Shobha De

7. Sanjay Leela Bhansali vs Salman Khan: Salman Khan was not really at a fault here, he had said something that was manipulated by the media but by the time the news reached Sanjay Leela Bhansali, he was not exactly happy. Read what Salman Khan has to say

8. Amitabh Bachchan vs Anurag Kashyap: No-holds barred director Anurag Kashyap instigated Amitabh Bachchan of delaying the release of a small-time movie Chittagong and promoting the release ahead of his own son’s Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Se. Big B decided to distance himself from the allegations but not before saying that whatever that was said, was baseless. Read how Anurag Kashyap criticized Big B

9. Yana Gupta’s no panty show: This has to take the cake. Yana Gupta, stepped into a children's NGO function going commando. Yana Gupta forgot to wear her panties and the camera caught her, as the girl tried her best to cover her modesty in vain. The next few weeks had the Internet abuzz with the 'star' on Yana Gupta's private part. Yana hid her embarrassment by implying that was done, was done and she wanted people to forget it (as if anyone wants to! Yana said that her panties would stick to her ass whenever she would practice for a dance program (Jhalak Dikh Laja), so she would not wear undies. But she forgot to wear it before coming before the event. Well, whatever it was, the star did make Yana Gupta a star as she got a crore deal to go commando for a magazine, this time deliberately. Now we understand what you mean by Jhalak Dikh Laja, Yana!  But then, some are saying that it is just skin color inner-wear! Here are other instances of Bollywood wardrobe malfunctions .

10. Rishi Kapoor vs Karan Johar show: At Karan Johar’s show, Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padukone said things rather freely against Ranbir Kapoor. The latter’s father did not take kindly to this and told his son that he should stop working with Karan and he also warned the girls to concentrate on their careers rather than giggle away to glory.

11. Priyanka Chopra vs Kareena Kapoor Koffee with Karan is the place to start controversies. Kareena Kapoor had made some smart-ass comments on Priyanka Chopra and when it was her chance to come to the show, the Fashion girl was full-on vitriolic against Bebo. Both the girls are now trying to salvage the situation by saying 'oh it was just in good humor'.Yeah!

12. Koena Mitra vs Saif Ali Khan: This is the latest to hit the headlines as Bollywood’s controversies in 2010. Saif in Koffee with Karan show said that the worst case of Botox was Koena Mitra. The girl, when she heard it, was saddened by his statement and gave her take on the matter.

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Vote on talent - Not what the media manipulates you into thinking. I think people need to form and express their own opinions in reference to Bollywood movies, actors, musicians etc. I mean come on people! Get a grip! So what if Dagangg did well at the box office. So did Golmaal 2 & 3, but that doesn't make them the best movies of the year. Give Guzaarish, My Name is Khan and Kites the respect they deserve in terms of delivering excellent performances and for bringing something new and exciting to Indian cinema. The Indian audience is so quick to judge and criticize their own people so harshly. For God's sake chill out and allow yourself to be entertained!

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