Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bollywood’s Biggest Hits of 2010

Here are the biggest, top Bollywood movie hits of 2010. Let us look at the top grossing successful films of Bollywood 2010

1. Dabangg: Dabangg is an all-time super blockbuster, and the second highest grossing Bollywood movie, just behind 3 Idiots. Made with a budget of Rs.42 crore, Dabangg earned a whopping Rs. 212 crore. Just for your information, 3 Idiots was made with a budget of only Rs. 35 crore and earned a staggering Rs.339 crore. Dabangg is also record holder for the highest opening day grosser ever and the highest weekend grosser in Bollywood. Kamaal Kartey ho Salmanji! (Verdict: Super Blockbuster)

2. Golmaal 3: Golmaal 3 is the second biggest Bollywood hit in 2010, Made with a budget of Rs. 40 crore, it went on to earn a gross revenue of Rs. 103.5 crore. Golmaal is the fourth highest grossing Bollywood movie of all time, and of course, the second highest grossing Bollywood movie this year. (Verdict: Blockbuster)
3. Raajneeti: Raajneet is the third biggest hit of 2010. A political thriller, it was made with a budget of Rs. 60 crore and went on make Rs.143 crore(gross). (Verdict: Blockbuster)

4. My Name is Khan: Made with a budget of Rs. 38 crore, My Name is Khan was a runaway hit, earning Rs. 182.75 crore gross. Though, it couldn’t survive more than two weeks in India and the US, My Name is Khan broke records across the world. In UK, it made £123,000 on its opening day more than the combined total of 3 Idiots in the first two days. The response was phenomenal in the Gulf countries and Middle East, earning approximately US$ 300,000 on its opening day. In Australia, the film earned an impressive AUS$ 39,000 and became the 11th ranking movie . In Germany and Pakistan, My Name is Khan is the highest grossing Bollywood film ever. Together, it has made Rs.99,00,00,000 from US, Canada, U.K. and Australian market (Verdict Hit)

5. Housefull: Housefull made with a budget of Rs. 45 crore earned a gross revenue of Rs. 71.94 crore. This movie is Akshay Kumar’s biggest opening till date, something that should be beaten by Tees Maar Kha.(Verdict Hit)

6. Once Upon a Time in Mumbai: The sleeper hit of the year, Once Upon a Time in Mumbai, made an impressive revenue of Rs.58.02 crore (Verdict: Hit).

7. I Hate Luv Storys: Made with a budget of Rs. 17 crore, the movie went on to make a gross revenue of Rs.43.58 crore.(Verdict Hit).

8. Anjaana Anjaani: Anjaana Anjaani may not have got the best reviews but still people went for it as a one-time watch. The result, the movie earned Rs. 40,03,00,000.

9. Khatta Meetha: Khatta Meetha, Akshay Kumar believed, would make people laugh more than Hera Pheri. Well, if the irrelevant drama was removed, Khatta Meetha which had Akshay giving of his finest performances, would have been a big hit But, it just remained an above average movie, earning Rs. 20 crore as profit, having made with a budget of Rs. 30 crore.

10. Ishqiya: Ishqiya had low expectations running for it, but it did pretty well. Vidya Balan’s earthy, sexual chemistry that she unleashed in the beginning of the year, still continues to sizzle . Made with a modest budget, it earned Rs. 31 crore.


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