Monday, December 27, 2010

Hrithik Roshan wants Shah Rukh Khan to quit smoking

It is no secret that Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan are best friends
 Now the Guzaarish star wants My Name is Khan’s bloke to kick butt. Yes, Hrithik is trying his best to help SRK quit smoking.

Hrithik who has kicked smoking for good, got into the habit big time while shooting for Guzaarish. He did so to give his character a tired, lazy look but he did make up his mind that once he is done with the shoot, he will quit smoking. Hrithik says "I started with the excuse of it being a part of the character two years ago with the idea that I'll stop after the film. I've always loved exploring with different experiences but a true adventurer needs courage and a will of iron. I love throwing challenges at myself and this was tough, but I've conquered it and grown stronger in the process. It's empowering."

Apart from convincing Arjun Rampal to quit smoking completely, he has made it clear that he will convince Shah Rukh Khan to quit smoking. Everyone knows SRK is addicted to smoking, known to smoke more than a packet a day. Hope Hrithik Roshan succeeds in making his Guzaarish of Shah Rukh Khan to quit smoking, a reality.


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