Monday, December 27, 2010

Munni to be Badnaam Again, Sheela will keep her jawaani intact

Munni is all set to be badnaam again on New Year’s Eve, December 31, 2010. Malaika Arora will be dancing on the most popular song of 2010, to a premium audience at an uptown suburban hotel party. Sheela or Katrina Kaif, as she is better known, is not really interested in showing her jawaani, as she feels she has better things to do on New Year’s Eve.

Katrina thinks that dancing on New Year’s Eve to a live audience on someone else’ party sends wrong signals, especially that you have nothing else going for you on that night. She adds,"Are you crazy? I am not dancing at any hotel on New Year's eve. To be entertaining a live audience that night instead of enjoying oneself as another year slips in - how sad is that! It's almost like you are telling the audience, 'Hey guys, I don't have a life.'”

There are reports that Malaika who had initially planned for a vacation with her hubby Arbaaz Khan canceled her plan because she got a tempting offer in terms of money from Hotel Sahara to dance at their New Year’s party. The figure was so mind-boggling (we are talking about the money, silly!)that Malaika couldn’t refuse. Katrina Kaif however has other ideas. The latest buzz is that Sheela’s Tees Maar Khan has flopped and her song has not been appreciated as much as Munni Badnaam Hui,


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