Monday, December 27, 2010

Why Salman Khan is the hottest Bollywood star

Salman Khan turns a year younger today. At 45, Salman Khan is the hottest star on Bollywood horizon, looks-wise as well as performance wise. This year was one of his best ever, where he emerged as the king of Bollywood as well as the king of television. Salman Khan, the most downloaded star in Bollywood, is declared the best host on television with his affable, impromptu approach in Bigg Boss and before that, on Dus Ka Dum

People love Salman Khan for being bindaas and unaffected by successes as well as flops or even personal insinuations. Sallu’s tweets are a reflection of his personality, he does not wallow in self-pride but interacts with followers in his inimitable, friendly manner.

Anyone else in his place would have enjoyed the luxury of giving a superhit in the form of Dabangg. But many at the Dabangg party saw him chilling out at one place, while the youn’ uns danced and had a great time. Sallu is now seen it all, done it all and is above all petty fights and big glories. On his birthday Salman Khan is going to Dubai with his family. He will report back on December 30 in Mumbai, and resume for Bigg Boss shoot.


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Salman should be the best actor for 2010 . He is very hot

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