Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Worst Bollywood Flop Films-2010

2010 has been the worst year for Bollywood’ top film-makers. All the big directors known for their so-called quality film-making failed: Mani Rathnam, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Vipul Shah, Priyadarshan, Kunal Kohli, Anees Bazmi and Anurag Basu. Let us look at some of the biggest flops or the worst Bollywood films of 2010

1. Raavan: The budget of the movie was Rs.100 crore but the gross revenue was just Rs. 29.50 crore. The movie was plain boring and failed to attract the audiences.
2. Guzaarish: The budget of Guzaarish was more than Rs. 67 crore but the gross revenue was Rs. 21 crore. The movie’s gloomy mood and some crucial errors were cited as the reasons.
3. Action Replayy: Action Replayy’s budget exceeded Rs.40 crore and made just Rs.22.50 crore . The movie was found to be lacking in drama and humor
4. No Problem: No Problem has been outrightly rejected by the audience; a surprise to everyone concerned because a lot of people had high hopes riding on the film. The lackadaisical plot that cringed with pathetic humor was the reason.
5. Kites: Kites may have been raved in the West but it was rejected in India. It managed to recover its costs (gross revenue: Rs.65 crores and budget Rs.60 crores) but Kites had to be taken off theaters with people facing issues with the language in the film, and a boring second half.
6. Aakrosh: Aakrosh proved to be a spoke in Ajay Devgn’s runaway successful year 2010. A heavy subject and high cost of production were the reasons for the flop.
7. Jhootha Hi Sahi: Jhootha Hi Sahi suffered terribly with just 50 percent occupancy in the first week. The movie flopped due to an insipid plot
8. Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey: Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey flopped inspite of being a well directed movie, due to its slow first half and a plot that did not excite the youth(can be partly blamed for unsatisfactory promotion)

The corporates who backed these disasters are staring into a dark deep hole because besides their reported investments on these movies: Kites approximately Rs 100 crores, Raavan allegedly Rs 100 crores, Guzaarish Rs 67 crores, Khele Hum Jee Jaan Sey Rs 45 crores, Action Replayy Rs 45 crores and Aakrosh Rs 35 crores... the film-makers who have made these movies have charged a bomb as their personal equity fee.

While Bhansali and Mani have crossed the Rs 20 crore fee bracket, Ashutosh is said to have asked for Rs 16 crores as his personal remuneration for directing (or today as the film industry says for mis-directing) a movie. Priyadarshan, Vipul, Anurag are also in the Rs 10 crore club. The distributors of these films think that the market fees that they get are much higher than what they can deliver.
The echo of these flops have been so left that there are rumors that one big corporation is seriously thinking of quitting making a film with a superstar son. There are reports that corporate are having lots of closed-door meetings to take stock of the situation. Two movie corporations have been hit so badly that they are shelving future projects because the losses they have incurred are too high and scary to venture on to projects of such big magnitudes.


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