Saturday, April 16, 2011

Haunted or Ragini MMS: Which Indian horror film scares the most?

It is too early to decide which is a better horror film but the scare fest is surely heating up when  Haunted, Vikram Bhatt's horror movie releases by April End to find tough competition in Ragini MMS which Ekta Kapoor insists is the scariest film in India ever.

Though we think, The Haunted will have an edge as possibly the best horror film in India, we leave it to our readers to decide. If you look at the track record since 2000, Vikram Bhatt has been indeed the horror king giving some of the best horror films in India, since the last decade: some of the best ones being 1920 and Raaz. Though Shaapit was no patch on the above two, Vikram Bhatt believes that India's first 3D horror film  Haunted is a winner, enough to scare the daylights out of people. "I feel safer with spirits because you know that they will scare you but with people you just have no clue," says Bhatt.

Moving over to Ragini MMS, the well marketed movie by Ekta Kapoor who says that it is the best horror movie in India ever. Ekta Kapoor has been cleverly marketing the film on Facebook, the said page has lot of fans already. She is also planning the premier of the film on May 12, 2011 after 12 pm. Ekta Kapoor says “13th May is a Friday, when all the astrologers and Tarot experts like Sunita Menon will do paranormal stories related readings. I did not want the opportunity to pass over,” Ekta said. She says that since she does not have big names to flaunt in the film, she will rely on the hype and plot and the Paranomal Activity type ambience in the film.

Ragini MMS is based on the real life story about a lady, the producer says taht she has bought the rights of the film from the lady. However, Kapoor said that she would decide if she wants to reveal the identity of the lady in question or not. The story is about a young couple, who enter a house with an intention to spend a romantic holiday and there is a third person, a spirit in the room. The room is fitten with hidden cameras which detect unusual activity in the house. So, the true scary picture will be out in May, Ragini MMS vs Haunted


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