Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ganesh Hegde Farah Khan war of words heats up

Ganesh Hedge says that Farah Khan’s psychiatrist has told him that she talks way too much. The war of words between the two has not stopped. While Hedge accused Farah of spreading negative stories about him being thrown out of a dance reality show and her being the first choice for Ra.One, Farah too retorted in the media recommending a psychiatrist to Hegde. Ganesh has chosen to retaliate. In a sarcastic vein, he says,, “Yes, I see the same doctor that Farah visits and even he feels that she talks too much. There are people who let their work talk and then there are people who let their talk work.

“Honestly, when have you seen a Farah Khan dance, please tell me that someone has seen her dance, anybody? I have done some good work in the recent past and have never spoken to anyone about making it public. Have never blown my own trumpet in 20 years, so why will I now?”

Hegde says, “I was supposed to groom the contestants on various dance styles, direct four music videos for Hrithik, and being a music maker myself, give my inputs for the dance music which is done by Pritam.

In fact, without signing any contract I have had two sittings on the music with Pritam and Hrithik, who I immensely respect. If Farah was equipped to play these many roles or if she is contributing to any of these, then she has indeed replaced me and if not, then she should just sit back and let her talks do all the hard work.

And just for the records, I have never been to the sets of the reality show so how can there be problems on the sets because of me?”

Finally speaking about Farah, Hegde says, “Earlier in the year she came out with an article calling herself the preferred choice to choreograph an act to be performed by a leading actress on an awards night. She said I got the lucky break just because of the event managers.I chose to keep quiet. Farah came in two days before the reality show launch and immediately set out an article claiming she elbowed me out of the show. How can you elbow someone out when you are a last minute replacement yourself? Farah has just bought a house in the building where I stay and sometimes, she passes by in the lobby.”

“We have always exchanged pleasantries and then out of the blue going to press saying that I have an attitude problem clearly shows who needs a doctor here. Farah is a good director, I like her sense of humour, but flexing the PR muscles and resorting to such negative publicity is an act of bullying, which no self respecting person will take lying down.”

Watch this space for Farah’s repartees.


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