Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hottest Pakistani Actress in Bollywood

Bollywood has a bevy of beautiful Pakistani actresses that has charmed our cinema and television. Let us choose the most gorgeous looking Pakistan actresses in Bollywood

1. Nargis Fakri: Actress Model Nargis Fakri who has a Pakistani origin will be seen opposite Ranbir Kapoor in Rockstar that will release soon.

2. Veena Malik: The actress who is known for her motor mouth, Veena Malik and her curves, her association with Ashmit Patel and her sizzling jig in Bigg Boss made her a household name.

3. Meera: Meera also debuted in an Ashmit Patel movie called Nazar, but lately she has been in news due to her controversy with Mahesh Bhatt. Meera is known to be the arch rival of Veena Malik.

4. Mona Lizza: Mona Lizza debuted in Kajra Re opposite Himmesh Reshammiya which fizzled without a whimper.

5. Laila Khan: A lot of women had a desire to make love to Rajesh Khanna but those were in his heydays, not now. Pakistani actress Laila Khan was doing exactly that in a movie released in 2008 Waafa: A Deadly Love Story. Rajesh Khanna got a lot of flak and Laila, well; she chose a wrong movie for her debut.

6. Somy Ali: Ex-girlfriend of Salman Khan and now one of his close confidantes, Somy Ali an actress of Pakistani origin, debuted in Anth, back in the 90s. Then she did some really forgettable movies like Krishna Avtr, Yaar Gaddar and Andolan. Following a bitter breakup with Salman Khan, Somy Ali packed her bags to US where she was involved in a lot of charity work. She also started a boutique business, the profits of which funded her charity 'Human Being' Now does Being Human ring a bell?

7. Zeba Bakhtiyar: Zeba Bakhtiyar debuted in an acclaimed movie oppposite Rishi Kapoor called Henna. Last heard, she was in news for a high-profile split with ex-husband Adnan Sami and custody battle for her sons.

8.Salma Agha: Salma Agha is one of the most formidable Pakistani actresses who had a strong presence in the 80s. The song 'Dil Ke Armaan' sang nasally by her for the movie Nikaah in 1982 made her win a Filmfare Award.


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