Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Salman Khan wants a housewife

Salman Khan says that he is looking particularly for a home-maker as his wife. The man admits that he believes in family values more than anything else.

"In today's times when family values have become trivial and human bonding is breaking down, everyone must remember that a man is successful only if he has good family values. I would rate family values higher than success in terms of importance. I will be a finished man tomorrow if I do not respect what my family wants. Family is the biggest support system you have."

Having relocated from Indore with the his family when his father Salim Khan only had 60 rupees, Salman believes that he would never be afraid of going back to simple living. When questioned about his dream woman, Sallu says, . "I want someone who is very efficient with good qualities of a homemaker."


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