Sunday, May 15, 2011

Shefali Shah's 'slim' Diet Secrets

Shefali Shah's slim figure and her new-found glow at 37 has everyone raving about the makeover of the hot mummy and wife of producer Vipul Shah. So what is the diet secret of Shefali Shah and the new look?

The 37 year old Shefali Shah says, "It wasn't easy at all. I have literally starved myself. It's been one endless diet. It started out with Ketosis, which is an intense offshoot of the Atkins diet. It takes a toll on the body but I did lose about 10 kgs in a month. Then I moved on to a food and exercise-oriented lifestyle to maintain it."

The beaming mother to two kids says that the children do keep her busy and help her lose weight unintentionally. "The job of a homemaker is one of the toughest in the world," exclaimed Shah while Varsha introduced herself as one. "I have two terrorists at home. My sons are aged eight and nine and it's a nightmare.

They not only hate each other but go a step ahead and encourage me to kill their sibling. Once I called home to check up on them and was horrified to hear my younger son insist that our maid jump off from our seventh floor house!"

The woman who played mother to Akshay Kumar ( Akshay Kumar is 5 year old than her..holy cow!) in Waqt 2005 says, "I started with television but back then serials were a lot more meaningful. We had beautiful stories to tell. Now everything seems mass produced.

Theatre is definitely the toughest because I wasn't used to the loud tone and expressions. It took a little doing but I enjoy it. With films, your slightest flicker can be an emotion on the big screen. They are all so challenging and enjoyable. But these days, one needn't be a great actor to be a big star. The criteria have changed."


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