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Sonakshi Sinha's Interview: Size Zero Trend is Finally Over

The success of Dabangg and the praises still keep coming and Sonakshi SInha is not complaining Here are excerpts of an interview with the Dabangg girl:
The best compliment she has received:
Someone said, “The charm of the old world heroine is back. The size zero trend is finally over.” Rani (Mukerji) and Vidya (Balan) told me that I could actually act. Such words were very encouraging.
How does Sonakshi choose her films?
My family. Owing to the experience they have. My father has been in films for the longest time and he’s done some great films. They are the first people I consult when a film comes my ways

Which are the films you have in hand right now?

There’s Joker and Prabhu Deva’s film with Akshay (Kumar). Dabangg 2 and Kick with Salman (Khan), Race 2 with Saif (Ali Khan) and a film with Kamal Haasan.

All your heroes are practically twice your age. Is it easy to relate to them?

They are much older but it doesn’t feel that way on the set when you’re playing a role. Even off the set they’re fun people to be around and easy to get along with.
Don’t you think the ‘no-intimate scenes, no exposing’ clause you insist on may put off producers? What if they came up with ‘the role demands it’ justification?
Right now, it doesn’t look like it’s putting anyone off. I’m getting good work. Why get into an unpleasant situation once filming starts. Everyone has certain values and principles they follow and these are mine.

Has your family laid down these rules for you?
No, they didn’t really have to spell it out to me. It’s just something that’s been instilled in me since childhood.

There are speculations about Salman and you too. And these are fanned when you address Arbaaz as bhai but not Salman.
If I’m talking about a co-star who I’m romancing on screen, I have to maintain that image. I can’t exactly call him bhai.

Would you tie a rakhi to him?
That’s a very odd question. We have been family friends. So there is mutual respect. Nothing has to be done or said to reinforce that bond.

Are you interested in politics?
Not everyone has the aptitude for politics. My brothers do, I don’t. I’m very blunt and blatant but not shrewd at all. I’m happy doing what I am currently doing.

Have you ever been to Bihar?
Of course, several times. My grandmother used to live there and we used to go every year to meet her.

You’re pretty active on Twitter and the morphed picture of Shahid Afridi being hit by an Indian cricketer you put up created quite a stir. What made you do it?

I’m so glad you asked me this question. It was all in good fun. There were a lot of other morphed pictures put up too that were unflattering to the Indian team.

Did any hate tweets come your way?
Yes, mainly from Pakistan. It’s silly. It’s a game and they lacked the sportsman’s spirit. But it’s okay. I’m unaffected.

Describe Mr. Right.
He has to be taller than me for sure (I’m 5’ 8”), must have a sense of humour, that spark of intelligence and good looks.

Would you opt for an arranged or love marriage?
Love marriage. Because I’d definitely like to know the person I’m to spend the rest of my life.

You are constantly compared to Reena Roy. Who do you think you resemble?

I’ve been compared to a lot of people like Hemaji’s, Vyjayanthimalaji and Reenaji. I get tweets telling me that I belong to the era of Madhubalaji. They are all beautiful women. So I have no complaints being compared to any of them.

source: Filmfare


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