Saturday, June 4, 2011

Baba Ram Dev is power drunk: Mahesh Bhatt

Mahesh Bhatt tweeted that Baba Ram Dev had a power agenda behind his fast. He tweeted, "The last temptation of man is to play "GOD". Man's appetite to grovel at the feet of these godmen does not seem to end. Baba is power drunk!" But fellow tweeters were not impressed and criticized him big time. Here are some samples

Iam_Manish F00k@
@MaheshNBhatt You ****g drunk ?

satbirsoni satbir
@@MaheshNBhatt go and wash your face .you are sleeping

lofted_shot Vikram Khanna
@@MaheshNBhatt as usual, your verbal farts make sense only to you! Baba & Anna are atleast trying something unlike windbags like you!

Muglikar anand muglikar
@@MaheshNBhatt n u've in recent yrs turnd drunk (sic) with all those sleazy movies n sponsoring dat idiot emraan (sic)

shanthedominus ishan sharma
@@MaheshNBhatt shut the **** up


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