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Farhan Akhtar will not act in a film that he directs

In this candid film, Farhan Akhtar, the multi-talented person talks about movies, his personal life and about where he got his impeccable style of dress from, and of course, the Farhan Akhtar hairstyle which changes continuously

What was the cast selection process for Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (ZNMD)?

I did not cast myself in it (laughs). Zoya wanted me. I play the joker in the gang. She wrote this film with my real personality in mind.

Which is…?

Zoya knows me well and that is something that I am working very hard on. I guess I need therapy to try and change (smiles). I try to laugh of all the stress in my life, if any. It defers dealing with the issue in question.

Going back to the casting, was it always you, Hrithik Roshan and Abhay Deol in the film?

No. Initially, Zoya wanted Ranbir Kapoor, Imran Khan and me. But things didn’t fall in place with them.

You appear to be very excited about ZNMD.

Well, we boys got along really well. When you see the film, it would give you a sense that these three have been friends for a while. I was really impressed by Katrina. When she came into the picture, I felt that the dynamics might change. But she is such an easy-going girl. I was very impressed by her.

With Abhay, of course, we needed to know each other. You see, ZNMD is all about bonding. So, we spent a lot of time cycling and scuba diving, before we actually went on the sets. It was very important for us three guys to really know each other. If you say something relatively obnoxious to someone, you know which friend will laugh and which friend will say, ‘Aise mat bol yaar’.

If your film doesn’t do well at the box-office, say like Karthik Calling Karthik, how do you feel?

I am human after all and so is everyone involved with the film. There is definitely a sense of disappointment. No one starts a film saying if it doesn’t do well, I don’t care. Whether it’s a broken relationship or friendship, you try and do your best the next time out. The same applies to movies.

You have a rather impeccable style of dressing. It is quite formal…

I think that’s because it is so rare. But I have no idea where it comes from. I’m not someone, who reads fashion magazines and tears of images of the suits I like (laughs).

Weirdly enough, I am not fussy about what I wear but at the same time, I’m fussy about what I buy. The important thing for me is to be clean and hygienic, maybe it comes from my Parsi side. Let me tell you little more on this. I just change my wardrobe, once every three years when I get bored. That trait also reflects on the fact that I keep changing my hairstyles at regular intervals (smiles).

Would you sign assignments outside of your banner?

I am okay with acting, on any film, with any producer, if the script is good. As far as singing goes, I don’t think of it as another vocation. Singing is kind of a personal thing.

Is this similar to Himesh Reshammiya, who wanted to sing only for himself?

Personally, I don’t know Himesh that well or what his philosophies in life are.

How do you deal with link-ups? You have recently been linked to Deepika Padukone and then to an assistant director on ZNMD…

It is upsetting when someone writes something completely pointless about you. It’s irresponsible, to say the least.

Does it stir up a whirlwind at home?

Fortunately, these things do not shake my ties at home. They know I am here not to have a great time and exploit my position. I’m thankful that this understanding and trust exists. Eventually, they get over it. For me, more than my wife, my mom or any body else, I have kids who don’t understand what’s going on in terms of what the world is like.

I mean, there’s no censorship on who can read what is in the newspaper. My 11-year-old daughter picks up the paper and reads that her father is having an affair with someone. They internalize things and to me that’s more upsetting than anything else.

We hear you got concessions in Germany while shooting Don 2 since Shah Rukh was on-board?

In Germany, there is a board that helps make shoots easier. When they know you come from an organized industry and what that does for Berlin and vice-versa in terms of employing their people, then they step in to help. There are certain concessions that you can get. And well, Shah Rukh has a huge fan following in Germany, not just with the Indians there but also the Germans. It’s amazing to witness the craze they have for him. So, there is a certain ease that comes.

Is Don a franchise now? And weren’t you tempted to act in it?

I don’t know. It remains to be seen. Honestly, I had to retract myself. If you recall, I had said that I wouldn’t make Don 2. But now I am doing it. Never say never. For the second part of your question, it’s a clear ‘No’. I shall not act in a film that I direct.


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