Saturday, June 18, 2011

If Boss DK is fine, then censor should pass Love day and Behn Chup

Aamir Khan say there is nothing vulgar about Bhaag DK Bose because it is just a name and the objection to the song does not hold any water. He says, “ But it is just a name. What is their objection to the mention of a name in the song? If they are reading too much into it and are objecting, it talks about their mind. As far as we are concerned, it is just a name.”

But then we have to know a few points here
1 Children are getting influenced by these songs; it is not a question about being broadminded or narrow minded. It is about children being influenced negatively, especially those under 13. For instance, imagine a 7 year old child is asked at a party to sing a song, and he begins to croon the latest, immensely popular number ‘Bhaag Bose DK much to the chagrin of the people around him.

2. It is not just about Bose D K as a problem line; it is also the first line in the song. Imagine the same child innocently singing ‘Daddy mujhe se bola, tu galti hain meri” . Well he does not know what mistake it is, but the adults and the grown up children will start smirking, won’t they?

3. The censor board is adopting dual standards, on one hand; it scrapped a funny scene from Bheja Fry where 2 where Vinay Pathak’s character teaches couples to make love and even scraped the play on words for Barbara Mori in Double Dhamaal, which they found it to be offensive but D.K.Bose has been left scot-free in the public domain for everyone including children to lap up at prime time. Why is the censor-board adopting double standards?

4. As Aamir and his team says, "If Boss DK is nothing but just a name", then why can’t we expect songs based on terms like Love Day and Behn Chup (sister shut up) soon. After all, these are also mere terms and there should be no problems with such simple but seemingly crude words.

Bollywood Trends does not find any issue with the music of the song and is okay with the ilnes too if they are played for adult viewing or listening. It is just that such trailers should not be played along with trailers of U-rated films or during prime-time when kids watch television.


MoviezAdda said...

Aamir has raised a great point to it..
but i too feel that the song is not nice for the audiences..the lyrics are very bad and will create not a good song for the bollywood industry..
thanks for sharing a great informative post..

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